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Almona MicroTech FTTx Ducts

On the 19 of february 2014 Almona Started production of FTTx Fiber optic MicroDucts conduits

MicroTech4 (169K)MicroTech5 (195K)

Almona 16/12mm MicroTech FTTx Ducts Tested at Al Yasmin Site

photo 1 (48K)photo 2 (52K)photo 3 (52K)photo 5 (47K)photo 4 (29K)

Almona at the Saudi build, Riyadh 2010

Almona at the Saudi Big5, Jeddah 2011

Almona Big5 Jeddah 2011-1 (613K)Big5 Jeddah 2011 (986K)


Almona at the Saudi Build 2011 Saudi Build 2011 (19K)


saudi build2011 (2) (129K)saudi build2011 (3) (128K)saudi build2011 (4) (137K)saudi build2011 (8) (126K)saudi build2011 (7) (120K)


Our Approvals and Clients for PPR Pipes & Fittings and PE pipes & Conduits:

Ministry of Housing (68K) PNU (77K) J&P (13K)


Mobily (23K) stc (67K) ITC (21K) MOWE (166K) NWC-logo (8K) sam (1K) logo_olayan_group (2K) SBG (15K) Hife (26K) CSC (3K)


Bin Samar (82K) Alargan (12K) ACC (10K) Civil (25K)

Tell: (+966) 1 4102326/7

Unified Number: 920009875

P.O.Box 270736 Riyadh 11352
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


NSF_ANSI_Standard_61_Blue (149K) Approved Material colour (549K)